Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Embed Comic strips!

I was asked recently if there was some way to make a comic strip and then embed it on a blog or webpage. As with almost every web-based application out there, embedding has become the de facto standard for sharing content. Why would you have to save your work as a text or image file, download it to your desktop, and then log on to your target destination, and finally upload the particular content item. Embedding allows me to create once and then re-use, re-use, re-use to my heart's desire.

While there are a number of comic creation sites, only a few have the same appeal as ComicLife, and Pikistrips certainly fits the bill. Creating the strip is quite easy: pick your layout, upload pics or choose from Flickr, add speech bubbles, save and share. So easy. I've pasted the embed code for one of my samples below.


a comic strip!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Titanpad is the new Etherpad

For those of you who used Etherpad with great success, its "demise" was a big disappointment. Piratepad appeared as a great substitute, but some people were put off by the "Pirate" in the name, and the fact that it's hosted by the Swedish Pirate Party. 

However, I recently stumbled across Titanpad, which gives all the same functionality, but without the "pirate" designation. So if you have been giving Etherpad a rest, come back and give it a try as TitanPad.

(You can check my description of how this Web 2.0 tool can be used here: <LINK> )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flipboard for iPad

Welcome back to another school year. Since I've recently acquired an iPad, some of my posts will include links to useful, intriguing or educational apps I've been using. This week I'd like to point you to "Flipboard". This app styles itself as a "personalized, social magazine" and I must admit I am pleased with the look and feel of it.

After downloading from the App Store, I have the option of signing up to my Facebook and Twitter feeds along with tweets from a number of news and lifestyle sites. The end result is very much an idiosyncratic take on themes that are important to me.

What's really nice, is that the feeds are laid out in a magazine format, with slick page flipping action. It makes my Twitter feed a delight to peruse!