Friday, May 29, 2015

Cleaning up webpages - Reader and Readability

Just show me the text!
Reader View in Safari on iOS devices strips webpages of everything except text and images. On a mobile device, tap the icon on the left side of the address bar to see a white page with black text plus a button for controlling text size; tap it again to return to the original page. (Safari lets you know when Reader View is available for a page by flashing a quick "Reader View Available" message as a website is loading.) On a laptop or desktop, the full Safari app offers the same functionality, with the plus that printing or projecting is much easier for a class to read.
Some webpages don't allow Reader View; in that case, the Readability Bookmarklet could be the answer. Simply drag the bookmarklet to your address bar to use it. (There are also instructions for an iOS install.)


Use Preview App Resize Images

Shrink those massive pic files.
Do you have pics you can't use or upload because they are too big? The Preview app on your Mac is a perfect tool to solve this problem!

Resize an Image using "Preview"
"Select Tools" -> "Adjust Size" brings up the Resize dialog box, which allows you to resize any image. (It supports many measurement units, including pixels.) If you want to do many pics at a time, visit the link above, or watch the following video:


Monday, May 25, 2015

Turn a Photo into an Illustration

PicMonkey has lots of options!
".... we've tried our hardest to put you and your images in the realm of the unreal. We're talking about how to illustrate your photo in the style of a stencil, poster, graphic novel, or Warhol print. This short tutorial packs six effects into three minutes, so get ready, get set, and get illustrated."

Along with Lunapic, PicMonkey gives you great options for creating illustrations to insert in your BookCreator masterpiece. (You'll have to do the editing on a laptop or desktop and then import/email to your iPad.)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Comic-Style Projects on iPad

Harness your inner comic geek.
(or "Les bédés règnent!))
Here are two apps that let students create impressive comicbook-like projects. Great for supporting writing, storyboarding or representing learning.

Comic Maker HD (Free) some popup ads

"ComicBook!" iPhone app ($3.49)

The image pasted above was made with ComicBook, and I first pulled the images into to turn them into pencil drawings using the "Effects" submenu. (You can do this on your iOS device - very slick.) Note: there is an editor in the app, but it has fewer modification options.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Splice - Video Editor

Combining videos the easy way.

Looking to put some student videos together, I tried a number of free video joining apps - Splice was the perfect solution. The app lets you add clips from your camera roll, set transitions, add frames, add images, create a title, and even edit clip lengths. Easy to use, powerful and fast.

Here's a sample I made using a couple of random clips I took, with some audio uploaded for fun.


TumbleBook-Of-The-Day embedded code!

Looking to direct your kids to Tumblebooks?

Get your students in the habit of checking out Tumblebooks. TB offers a "book of the day" clip to view that changes daily. Paste the following html into your blog or website to liven things up!


Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 secs

Quick graphic with quote.
Add two sizes of text, change the background image, add a logo or insert pic. All in a snap.