Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Using Pic Collage" Video

Quick app overview: Pic Collage
Chris Loat and I offer a quick overview of Pic Collage for teachers wanting to add this to their tool box.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Rory's Story Cubes iOS & Android Apps

Scaffold story telling with these prompts
Plug in or Airplay your iPhone or iPad and quickly generate storytelling ideas for your English, ELL, FSL or other second language class. Realistic physics - shake to roll the cubes. Move and rotate them as you tell your story. The app comes with both the Original and Action sets. Other sets are available as in-app purchases. (Here's a video of the actual cubes - app works the same way.)


Ten Webtools for Digital Storytelling and Book Trailers | A Listly List

Engage active reading for students
Thanks Naomi Bates for "these ten websites that use images, music and/or video to create book trailers to engage active reading for students."


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Online Poster Creators - 10 options

ePosters to represent learning

There are many tools available for students to represent their learning. These "eposters" offer many of the same advantages of the typical poster, but add projectable and shareable features. Embedding a video or a link make these webapps a powerful way to share an insight or explain a concept: RWT, Canva, LucidPress, tackk, Picmonkey, Poster my Wall, Muzy, QuotesCover, Pixteller, Smore, Quozio, BigHugeLabs, Recite and Ribbet. Some of these choices offer very specific presentation modes, others are very flexible. (The link above takes you to a clickable mindmap - don't forget to explore mondomo too.)


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A quiet break from the clatter

Take a deep breath...

This site offers a quiet (with bird sounds) vista to contemplate while you take a few calming breaths. You can easily switch the scenery and background audio by selecting a different scene from the bottom right of the screen. (There's also an app that will lead you through a guided meditation if you prefer.) With a projector and some speakers, you can give your class a nature break, and even provide a setting for some creative writing.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3 Apps to use in conjunction with the new Book Creator comic templates

Spice up your comics!
"One of the most popular and effective Educational Apps of all time Book Creator, has just released a major update that includes comic strip templates. Here is a quick look at 3 Apps that may be used in conjunction with these templates to help create a more effective digital comic: Daily Monster, Topia & Canva."