Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My StoryMaker - crreate your own picture book

Build your own storybook

StoryMaker is a web app that allows students to create simple "cartoon" stories by dragging and dropping elements on a page. One thing to notice when using this app: if you accidentally press the "end" button while creating your story, it is immediately "published" and then cannot be edited any further. (Students can quickly find their story using the code generated once the book is done.)

Thanks Dan for this app recommendation.

Kahoot! — make quizzing a blast!

Poll students, create a "quiz show"

An engaging, interactive way to connect students with content.

"LIKE A "PLAYSTATION FOR EDUCATION"  Kahoot! is a game-based classroom response system and educational platform that leaves your students begging for more. With a refreshingly new take on introducing a subject and formative assessment - through quizzing, collaboration and presentation of content - Kahoot! initiates peer-led discussions, with students left on the edge of their seats.


Friday, September 19, 2014

French tools for students

How to find "le mot juste"
Use the following links to improve the level of your written French, and share them links your students!
Outils de traduction

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