Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Scholantis Student Portfolio Resources and Demo

Learn more about the Portfolio options
This link also features an archived webinar that demonstrates the features of the Student Portfolio.

"Scholantis Student Portfolios allow students to create collections of documents, presentations, blog posts, or other media (e.g. photographs, videos, certificates, rubrics or assignments). A portfolio is much more than a digital scrapbook. It allows students to create a purposeful collection of their work that demonstrates their efforts, progress, and achievements."


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top tools for the BYOD classroom

Apps and sites to explore for BYOD
I heard Leslie Fisher present at the 2015 ERAC conference. It was a very energetic and dynamic session! Linked above is one of the handouts from her extensive webpage. This PDF focusses on BYOD-friendly apps and sites. (Here's a link to more: http://lesliefisher.com/resources/presentation-handouts/ )