Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zimmer Twins Movie creation

Create your own Zimmer stories from scratch.
"On you create your own endings to one of our story starters. You may also create your stories from scratch. So put on your director's hat and you might just be our next featured movie maker! All movies feature Edgar and Eva Zimmer, the Zimmer Twins. They are an ordinary pair of 12 year-olds except for one thing - they have psychic powers. They weren't always psychic though. The weirdness began when they adopted a black cat named 13. From that point on, strange things began to happen."

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Lufthansa Geography Quiz

Fly around Europe
For a fun test of your knowledge of geography, just click on where you think the city is and the plane will land there, then it will show where the city actually is! Try for the highest score.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Getting it picture perfect

 Wrapping text around photos in MS Word
"When inserting images into MS Word, it is nice to be able to wrap the text around the image rather than having the image 'In Line' with the text. Set the image as 'Tight' or 'Square' to allows one to place the image anywhere on the page and have the text wrap around it; this allows for more effective layout in the document."
"To change the image so it can have the text wrap around it, click on the image and click on the wrap text icon (it looks like a dog with text), then select 'Tight' or 'Square'."

(Thanks for the tip Chris)

To force MS Word to automatically insert images as 'Tight' rather than the default, go to the Word Menu >> Preferences >> Edit and select 'Tight' in the drop down menu beside "Insert/past pictures as".