Thursday, December 20, 2007

What are you reading?

Are young adults reading? Are we doomed because all kids seem to be doing is Facebook and texting? As classes wind down (and students wind up) in the week before Christmas break, I've had a chance to circulate a bit and ask students what they are reading. I'm always a little surprised to discover that maybe things aren't as dire as I thought. Of course the Golden Compass is popular right now, but so is Eclipse, and the Time Traveler's Wife, and Dan Brown, and Oprah picks, and lots more!

I was even more gratified when I stumbled across the Cool Reads website. (It was recommended to me by another TL.) Developed for and by young adults, the site reviews books for 10 to 15 year old "set" . The reviews come from all over the world. It even lists star reviewers (those who have had at least 30 reviews featured on the site.) You can pick from a number of genres including suspense, biography, time travel, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and war, among others. It's a great resource for teachers and students alike. What I really like is that students can post their own reviews.

If you want to know what kids are saying about books, and what titles they are reading, Cool Reads is the place to visit.