Monday, December 29, 2008

Issuu: put it on-line!

Have you always wanted a way to put documents on-line in a way that looks like a book or magazine? There are a number of pay sites that will convert and host documents for you, but what about "free"? I stumbled across Issuu while I was looking for a solution to post student-made storybooks on a blog or other site. Issuu seems to be the answer to my search.

It is very easy to use. You create an account, upload the PDF version, mark it private, and then generate the embed code needed to past it into a blog or class website. You can even email a link to friends and family so they can view it apart from the blog.

So, just to show off, I've created a "Flower" album using iPhoto, saved it as a PDF, uploaded it to Issuu and embedded the link. (You can view it as full page if you like!) I think this has lots of potential. (Click on the "Open Publication" link or on the book itself below to view in larger format.)