Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the fly photo editing

Sometimes all you need to do is quickly edit, resize or touch up an image before you use it. But the thought of downloading the jpeg and then launching Photoshop, and then making the changes, saving your work and finally, uploading ... seems like just too much work. Then, along comes "Snipshot". This great web-based freebie allows you to take an image from any webpage, make the changes you need and move on! There is a basic app that allows you to resize, crop, rotate, enhance and "adjust". "Effects" only lets you create a black and white image. There is a Pro version that offers many more features. It might be worth getting if you do lots of image fiddling.

The great thing about Snipshot is that the creators have provided users with a handy bookmarklet that can be dragged to the browser menu bar. This lets you scoop the images from any html page for quick editing.

This is a super application!