Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Word Magnets"

Remember how much fun playing with fridge magnets used to be? This Flash app lets you create fridge magnet word tiles, in any colour you want, and allows you to re-arrange them on the "virtual fridge" door. What I like is that the background design can be changed: Venn diagrams, graphs, columns, range arrows...etc. etc. I think this app would be a great tool for Smartboard users. You can access the on-line version by going to the Triptico Word Magnet site, wait a moment for the "page advance arrow" to load, (lower right hand corner... "NEXT >") and then proceed to the app. (You can also click on the message in the middle of the screen to download a paid version with many great new features.) Great for an anticipation guide exercise.

There is also a short demo clip on Russell Stannard's site (Teacher Training videos) that might give you some ideas.