Monday, September 23, 2013

The Human Body by Tinybop iOS - Free app for this week.

The Human Body App

Free app for this week.
Explore a working model of the body. Every part is animated and interactive: the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, the skin feels, and eyes see.

  • Six interactive, animated layers of the body teach basic human anatomy through the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems
  • Includes a detailed interactive heart, brain, eye, stomach, mouth, and much more.
  • Easily switch between text labels in up to 50 languages
  •  Free downloadable app handbook with tips for interactivity and additional resources
  • Smart device features include: front camera to demonstrate vision, microphone to show how hearing works, photo and music libraries are accessed to demonstrate brain function, device orientation shows the effect of gravity on the body