Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cartoon Maker websites?

Getting on the Graphic Novel Bandwagon
If you want to have your students create their own graphic novels, (or short stories for that matter) help them get familiar with the genre.

Tumblebooks has graphic novels that you could peruse. (We also have CDs at DRC with graphic novels (in French) that you can show without the words in the bubbles.) Flip through some comics to get a feel for layouts and techniques.

If you want to create from scratch, there are some options for this kind of activity.

Think about using Powerpoint templates for panels.
(This is a great how-to site with all kinds of suggestions!)

or look at these...

You can create free strips w/o a sign-in. If you want to save it, you need to sign-up.  (Limited style but appealing in a funny kind of way.)

Preset images, but lots of control and easy to use.

Works a lot like ComicLife and requires an account to use. Students can create panels, and then combine the panels into "books." (The prefab art is a little cliché, & the editor can be fussy to use.)

More Powerpoint

A site like Lunapic can be used to modify images and create the content - take screen shots and paste into a PPT panels template

A vid tutorial

Some Png images to use