Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bibme - the easy way!

Ask any student what the least liked aspect of any project work is , and you will likely get the same answer: the bibliography. When I talk about this with my students, it usually comes down to the same scenario:
"It's midnight plus 1 minute on a Sunday night. The project is done! Pictures taped on, sparkle glue applied, titles and underlining all done...but wait. Oh no! The bibliography!"

There are a number of tools that students can use. If the school library uses Destiny/Follet as its OPAC (my district does), then you can use it to generate a bibliography for any books used from the collection. This link explains how to create a list, and then print that list as a bibliography.

Citation Machine and Noodle Tools also help with the process making it much easier. But wait, there's something even better. My latest discovery is BibMe. ( As it says on the website: "the fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It's the easiest way to build a works cited page. And it's free." Once you've created a login ID (easy to set up), you can enter author or title or ISBN (with a scanner, it's a snap) and get a complete record for your citation list. Bibme will even save your results so that you can add to them later in a second or third fact finding session. It almost makes creating a bibliography fun!