Sunday, October 12, 2008

Experience the "Teaching"

I just finished reading "Experience the Message" by Max Lenderman. This book has a lot to say about how advertising and promotion is changing in the new 2.0 on-line world. The old ways of reaching the consumer are giving way to what Lenderman calls "Experiential Marketing" or XM for short. (You can read more about this on his website.)

What I found interesting, was that the 8 principles that he claims drive the new way of thinking about advertising work well as a metaphor for a new way of thinking about teaching. If you replace "experiential marketing" with teaching/learning, and "consumer with student, in the first 7 of his 8 principles, here's what you get:

  1. Teachers should clearly deliver a meaningful benefit to the student.
  2. Learning will be predicated on a "one-on-one" personal interaction between a teacher and a student.
  3. Learning will be authentic.
  4. Teaching is based on engaging students in memorable ways.
  5. Learning will empower the individual student.
  6. Teachers will deliver relevant communication to students when and where they are most responsive to them.
  7. Teachers succeed when they use innovative approaches and tactics to reach out to students in creative and compelling ways.
Because our students are citizens of this new world, and respond poorly to old, traditional ways of marketing, it might also be true that they respond poorly to traditional ways of structuring the classroom experience. I think Lenderman might have something to teach us after all!