Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Flashcard site

Use This Powerful Study Tool

Want to help your students retain vocabulary and concepts? Sometimes good-old-fashioned flashcards are the solution. Now you can use some tech to leverage this tried and true technique. Enter: Quizlet. Create flashcard sets with your own data or choose from sets created by others. Quizlet offers you the option of creating a group to share flashcards with classmates. (In addition, there are apps that integrate with Quizlet for on-the-go studying.) Another plus, data can be exported and pasted into Word or Excel.

  • Flashcard Mode for quick review.
  • Speller Mode uses audio as a prompt.
  • Learn Mode keeps track of scores, and retests incorrect answers.
  • Test Mode: with short-answer, matching, multiple choice or true/false options.