Monday, November 7, 2011

Web Clipping - the easy way

I just saw this interesting app/site/service called Memonic. It lets you capture parts of websites, make notes, share your findings with others: in short, a great study-research-clipping tool. (See their Youtube tutorial here.) The free version is good for 100 notes, and 3 sharing with friends. To get more, you have to go with the paid, pro version. I'm presuming you can delete notes to makes space for new ones, especially if you are collecting info for a project. It might be fun to play with, but I can't see students paying for this service. Maybe a free "edu" version might get students hooked and eager to subscribe after graduation - just a thought.
  • Clip web content
  • Save webpages to read later
  • Write a note
  • Organize content directly from the Clipper
  • Use the Gathering Mode for lengthy research sessions
  • Take screenshots and save content from Word, PDF etc. with our Clipper for Windows
  • Forward e-mails and attachments to your Collection