Friday, May 23, 2014

iBook Author and Book Creator

Make ePubs to share with students
Book Creator (BC) is an iPad app, and iBooks Author(IBA) is a Mac program. Both allow the teacher (or student) to create beautiful ebooks. Students can represent their learning; teachers can assemble mini-texts for their classes.

BC is more limited in its possibilities, but is extremely easy to use. Students can create impressive picture books that can be read in iBooks or the Kobo and Bluefire reader apps. Pictures and drawings can be easily imported. Asking students to look at layouts and presentation styles in existing picture books will make the final product that much more satisfying. (some samples here. FAQ)

IBA is a free Mac OS program that lets the user build very sophisticated eTexts incorporating video, photo galleries, 3D models, html widgets and links to external sites. A handful of templates included in the program will get you started but you can browse for "iBook Author" themes and download some for free. (Tips and tricks here.)